Investment, Infrastructure & Trading.

Aston and Scott UK are a consortium of independent and experienced business leaders and dealmakers, who are known for their unique ability to drive bilateral partnerships with government agencies, political leaders, large corporations, and investor groups.


Using innovative and individualised solutions we are committed to bringing investment opportunities that provide growth and development to all economic sectors.


Our team of blue-chip consultants have over 30 years’ expertise exploring creative solutions to global infrastructure and capital construction projects.


Operating in a highly competitive and dynamic environment, we specialise is trade flows, regulations, currencies, commodity prices, and the importance commodity trading sector to the global economy.

Our Company Profile

Our Vision

To be a trusted and diverse business advisory group, with a global presence, in a fast-paced and evolving business world.

Our Values

Aston & Scott are committed to this set of five fundamental core values that guide culture and decision-making within the organisation.

Our Mission

Using innovative investment solutions that adhere to these guiding principles, Aston & Scott provides a wealth of specialist and professional expertise with supporting clients to achieve their business objectives.

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